Traditional print coupons can't be redeemed with Oakland's online grocery delivery services.  

Digital coupons are accepted, however.  They are not always easy to find...we'll show you how to get them.
How Digital Coupons Work

Right now, there aren't a ton of places where you can find digital coupons.  But that's alright, because most print-and-use grocery coupon sites have become very spammy and difficult to use.

How do digital coupons work?  When you click on a digital coupon, you are adding it to your specific supermarket's savings card.  

The service is linked to your supermarket on the back end, so the digital coupons you select will be automatically loaded onto your club card.  You don't have to do anything out of the ordinary when you order your grocery delivery.  

You will receive the discount when you get your groceries delivered.

TIP:  It's important to note that if you want these digital coupons applied to your grocery delivery order, you need to have entered your savings card number into the online grocery delivery site.  Since this is not required when you sign up for your first grocery delivery, you can always add the info later.  Here's how.

To do so, select on the My Account link near the top of the page.

Then, click on the Edit Contact Information link:

Then just enter your card number or the home phone number you gave originally at the supermarket into the appropriate field.

Now all your digital coupons will be applied automatically to your next grocery delivery order!

How To Find And Use Digital Coupons For Grocery Delivery

The digital coupons you can use for grocery delivery are not easy to find.  Here's how to get to them. 

First, click this link to get to the delivery site.

Then, click on the Weekly Specials link.

Next, at the bottom left hand corner of the page, click the Coupons link.

Next, click "View Coupons" under "coupon center".

You can view coupons by type of grocery product, or by brand, based on what you want to order for your next grocery delivery.

When you view a coupon, click "Add" to add it to your account.

Note the expiration date and make sure your grocery delivery is scheduled before that date, if you really care about the discount!

If you haven't already linked your club card to your account, you will be prompted to do so now.

Important:  note that your coupon will be applied against your delivery order total when you receive your grocery delivery, not when you complete your order.

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